Getting ready for the final week…

It’s been so busy I’ve barely had time to write!  After VBS was over we had a chance to breathe which was awesome, and we got to take a road trip to Portland, Oregon.  We headed down there last Thursday, and even though it’s only supposed to be a 3 hour drive it took us more than twice that because we took a little bit of a detour… to go caving!  The Ape Caves are humongous and the route we took had 27 rock piles/straight up walls to climb over.  The whole thing took about 2 hours but was definitely worth it.  It’s pitch black and you wear these super attractive head lamps (I broke the hand-held lantern when I tripped over a rock… whoops) and feel like a miner.  It’s pretty great.

Portland was just as weird as I imagined it, and I loved it.  We went to Powell’s books which is 4 stories high and about a block long, and VooDoo donuts which are the best donuts anyone has ever eaten.  so good.  We camped in our friend’s grandmother’s backyard (sissy camping) and then headed to the Oregon coast the next day.  Cannon Beach is beautiful and we walked around the town and beach for most of the afternoon, then headed back to the lovely Poulsbo!

Yesterday I went to Port Townsend with a couple of friends for a day of thrifting and eating the world’s best pizza and pie.  health food.  The rest of the week we’ve been planning for Family Camp and picking out the prettiest outfits we could find for the dance.  Team Clash is going to be lookin fly.

these colors match


What's cookin' good lookin'?

I’ve heard a lot about Family Camp, starting from the day I got out here, so it has a lot of expectations to live up to.  It’s supposed to be a really busy week where no one sleeps, so pretty much like every week of my life at UNC : )  Also, I’m sleeping in a hot pink tent so let’s hope it doesn’t rain….  The festivities start tonight and end next Thursday, then we’re spending Friday in Seattle and I head back to good ole NC on Saturday.  I can’t believe how fast the time has gone, and I’m going to miss everyone here a ton, but I have to say I’m pretty excited for baby peanut!!  I’ve missed everyone in High Point/Chapel Hill and can’t wait to reunite all over the place.  Lots of love from Poulsbo! (where it’s 72 degrees!)


About hellopoulsbo

Youth Group intern at the lovely Vinland Lutheran Church, baby-sitter, barista, blogger beginner. Living the good life in the Emerald City :)

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