Road Trip Around the Olympic Peninsula

Fridays are the best.  They are quickly becoming my favorite days out here.  Yesterday Alyssa and I road tripped around the entire Olympic Peninsula.  It’s something she has always wanted to do, and I want to see as much of Washington as possible so it worked out well.  We basically decided that we would pull over and hop out of the car whenever we saw something we wanted to do – and there is definitely plenty to do!  So with coffee in hand (it wouldn’t be a Washington road trip without coffee) we set out.

First stop was Sequim (other fun Washington towns that start with S – Skamokawa, Sammamish, Sekiu, Suquamish and Skykomish.  Too confusing.) Sequim is the home of the Lavender Farmer’s Association?  They have a big lavender festival there every year and the whole town is full of lavender everything – shampoo, scented bandannas, champagne… you name it.  It’s a really cute town, but I could never live there.  EVERYTHING smells like lavender. After that we headed to the Marymere Waterfalls.  They were seriously some of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen, so naturally I left my camera in the car… oh well.  You can google them if you really want : )

Next up – Forks.  Stop laughing.  I know people love to make fun of the girls that road trip to Forks, but it was on the way… and totally worth it.  One of the most podunk unattractive towns I have ever been to.  The whole place is soggy and everyone either works for the logging industry or for a Twilight tours/souvenir/t-shirt shop.  Vampires were the best thing to happen to Forks since chainsaws.

After the best Bella Burger and Team Edward milkshake ever, we went to the Hoh Rain Forest and went hiking.  Once again, the camera was left in the car (this time because it was pouring down rain) but the hike was incredible.  The water is completely clear and from a distance the algae makes it look bright green.  I keep thinking Washington can’t get any prettier and then it does!

After a couple more hours of driving we ended up at South Beach Campground for a beautiful sunset and then grabbed dinner at around 11 and headed home!  The whole thing took about 15 hours but was well worth it.  This state rocks : )

Other than our Friday adventures, our weekends have been full of cookouts at camp, Kid’s Church, baby-sitting, Farmer’s markets, and for this weekend only, the Poulsbo Pirate’s Festival.  Pretty great.  Alyssa’s preaching tomorrow because Pastor Chuck’s out of town, which means I’m in charge of Kid’s Church by myself.  yikes!  Say a prayer for me.  xoxo from the west coast!




About hellopoulsbo

Youth Group intern at the lovely Vinland Lutheran Church, baby-sitter, barista, blogger beginner. Living the good life in the Emerald City :)

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