Adventures Abound!

Wow, it’s been a busy two weeks!  Between planning for Vacation Bible School, family camp, and kid’s church each week we’ve definitely had our hands full.  I have so much more respect for youth pastors now – they work hard!   I can’t remember everything I’ve done since getting here but I’ll try to give you guys the highlights!

I’ve been trying to get to know the congregation of Vinland, and I have LOVED it.  These people are great.  So far I’ve gone to a couple Busy Mom’s meetings, a Quilter’s luncheon (so great.  they’re hysterical.) and a couple other council-type things.   Other than that, the internship has been a lot of planning and trying to track down all of the supplies for VBS.  Anyone have any extra locusts and a shofar?

Fridays and Saturdays are our days off and we have done a lot of really cool stuff.  Last Friday I got to spend the day in Seattle with a friend from camp last year who I hadn’t seen since July.  She lives in Delaware, I live in North Carolina and we met up in Seattle.  Isn’t God funny?  We went to lunch, explored Pike’s Market, went to the first Starbuck’s… the typical tourist-y things.  It was so great to see her!

This Friday (yesterday) we started the day by going to the opening of Trader Joe’s which was a huge deal here.  People camped out.  I didn’t understand it either.  After our super exciting trip to the GROCERY STORE opening, we went to Fort Worden and went hiking : ) .  There are some really cool underground barracks that you can go through and we found two Park Ranger type guys who were really great and told us all the history behind the whole fort (I am such a nerd!) which was awesome.  It’s pitch dark in the tunnels which makes it even creepier/better!  Then we went to the world’s best Thai place and went thrifting.  Good day!

View from the roof of one of the barracks

The animals here are nuts.  We were driving back from Starbucks the other day (time is measured in cups of coffee here), and almost hit a black bear.  It was just traipsing across the street like it was no big deal.  The deer are the same way, and totally unafraid of people.  It freaks me out. This is a picture of one of the deer at Fort Worden:

Today is more relaxed.  It’s raining (shocker), so I’m currently curled up at the coffee shop in my thrift store jeans drinking my coffee and blogging.  I feel like such a hipster.  I’m baby-sitting tonight for a precious little 15-month old girl so that should be fun.  Then the “work week” starts back tomorrow!  I know I’m forgetting lots of adventures, but I will try to blog more often so I don’t leave too much out.  Hope everyone back east is doing wonderfully!


About hellopoulsbo

Youth Group intern at the lovely Vinland Lutheran Church, baby-sitter, barista, blogger beginner. Living the good life in the Emerald City :)

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