Welcome to Poulsbo

Welcome to Poulsbo, population: 6,813.

“Hello Seattle” has been playing in my head on repeat since I got here, but unfortunately that blog title has already been taken.  And since I’m actually living in the awesome Norwegian town of Poulsbo right outside of Seattle, I guess Hello Poulsbo is more accurate.  Welcome to my blog, where I’m hoping to share my adventures from 3,000 miles away.  Writing intimidates me, but I’m going to do my best : )

I arrived in Seattle Thursday night and have been meeting people, applying for jobs, and getting acquainted for the past four days.  People here are super friendly!  Yesterday was probably the busiest day, between kids church, Taste of Vinland (a fundraiser for the pre-school where different people brought and sold different foods, kind of like an outdoor market.  We “cooked” Italian sodas.), ice cream with new friends, Alive (I guess you would call this big-people church?) and dinner with more new friends.  We’ve also had the chance to go kayaking, go to the beach, and see Port Gamble.  It’s been a busy couple of days!

you can tell me that you've seen a cuter town, but I probably won't believe you

This is downtown Poulsbo.  Where there are London-esque telephone boxes on the street corners and 7 coffee shops within three blocks.  It’s pretty great.  Cups, the coffee shop I will (hopefully) be working at, is on this street, which is right across the bay from the apartment.  It’s super close so I can either walk, ride my bike, or…. kayak.  Yes, kayak. To work.  Everyday.  I am so excited.

Tonight, Alyssa and I are going to Seattle to celebrate her birthday!  There isn’t internet at the apartment so I can only blog at the coffee shops in town, but I have a feeling I’ll be here a lot.  I’ll try to keep the blog as up-to-date as possible.  I left my camera cord back at the apartment (yes, the infamous, always-lost camera cord.  My roommates will forever make fun of me for not being able to keep track of that stupid cord), but I will update the blog with pics of downtown, Seattle, and the view from the apartment asap.  For now, I am loving it!  More to come from the west coast!


About hellopoulsbo

Youth Group intern at the lovely Vinland Lutheran Church, baby-sitter, barista, blogger beginner. Living the good life in the Emerald City :)

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