Getting ready for the final week…

It’s been so busy I’ve barely had time to write!  After VBS was over we had a chance to breathe which was awesome, and we got to take a road trip to Portland, Oregon.  We headed down there last Thursday, and even though it’s only supposed to be a 3 hour drive it took us more than twice that because we took a little bit of a detour… to go caving!  The Ape Caves are humongous and the route we took had 27 rock piles/straight up walls to climb over.  The whole thing took about 2 hours but was definitely worth it.  It’s pitch black and you wear these super attractive head lamps (I broke the hand-held lantern when I tripped over a rock… whoops) and feel like a miner.  It’s pretty great.

Portland was just as weird as I imagined it, and I loved it.  We went to Powell’s books which is 4 stories high and about a block long, and VooDoo donuts which are the best donuts anyone has ever eaten.  so good.  We camped in our friend’s grandmother’s backyard (sissy camping) and then headed to the Oregon coast the next day.  Cannon Beach is beautiful and we walked around the town and beach for most of the afternoon, then headed back to the lovely Poulsbo!

Yesterday I went to Port Townsend with a couple of friends for a day of thrifting and eating the world’s best pizza and pie.  health food.  The rest of the week we’ve been planning for Family Camp and picking out the prettiest outfits we could find for the dance.  Team Clash is going to be lookin fly.

these colors match


What's cookin' good lookin'?

I’ve heard a lot about Family Camp, starting from the day I got out here, so it has a lot of expectations to live up to.  It’s supposed to be a really busy week where no one sleeps, so pretty much like every week of my life at UNC : )  Also, I’m sleeping in a hot pink tent so let’s hope it doesn’t rain….  The festivities start tonight and end next Thursday, then we’re spending Friday in Seattle and I head back to good ole NC on Saturday.  I can’t believe how fast the time has gone, and I’m going to miss everyone here a ton, but I have to say I’m pretty excited for baby peanut!!  I’ve missed everyone in High Point/Chapel Hill and can’t wait to reunite all over the place.  Lots of love from Poulsbo! (where it’s 72 degrees!)


The busiest of busy weeks

Only 2 more days until VBS!   This week has been crazy.   We’re still trying to track down all of our supplies and volunteers for VBS and it starts on Tuesday… I think we are going hunting for the last couple things today.  It’s beautiful outside and 75 degrees, which is perfect, so hopefully we will spend some time outside too.  I’m so excited for VBS but it’ll also be nice when it’s over.  It’s taken a whole lot of planning.   It wasn’t all working this week though.  We went into Seattle Tuesday for a thing at Fuller Seminary where Alyssa goes to school, and we went to a  Mariner’s game on Wednesday.  Yesterday I took my first trip to Ikea (!) and last night we had a picnic in our friend’s backyard… which just happens to be on the beach : )

Safeco Field with Vinland friends for "work"

Today we’re getting stuff done so that tomorrow we can celebrate the 3rd of July!  Everything surrounding the 4th of July is a big deal here since it’s such a military county, and I guess awhile back Poulsbo got tired of fighting for people on the 4th so they moved their fireworks and festivities to the 3rd.  Since Alyssa’s apartment is right on the water we invited some people over for dinner and games and then we’re going to watch fireworks from the yard/mudflats so I’m pretty excited for that!  On the 4th we’re headed to Lutherhaven, the camp Vinland goes to in the summer, for a cookout and fireworks over Wildcat Lake.  Plus there are a couple of parades in Kingston and Bainbridge Island so it should be a fun 3rd/4th.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, lots of love from Washington!

Road Trip Around the Olympic Peninsula

Fridays are the best.  They are quickly becoming my favorite days out here.  Yesterday Alyssa and I road tripped around the entire Olympic Peninsula.  It’s something she has always wanted to do, and I want to see as much of Washington as possible so it worked out well.  We basically decided that we would pull over and hop out of the car whenever we saw something we wanted to do – and there is definitely plenty to do!  So with coffee in hand (it wouldn’t be a Washington road trip without coffee) we set out.

First stop was Sequim (other fun Washington towns that start with S – Skamokawa, Sammamish, Sekiu, Suquamish and Skykomish.  Too confusing.) Sequim is the home of the Lavender Farmer’s Association?  They have a big lavender festival there every year and the whole town is full of lavender everything – shampoo, scented bandannas, champagne… you name it.  It’s a really cute town, but I could never live there.  EVERYTHING smells like lavender. After that we headed to the Marymere Waterfalls.  They were seriously some of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen, so naturally I left my camera in the car… oh well.  You can google them if you really want : )

Next up – Forks.  Stop laughing.  I know people love to make fun of the girls that road trip to Forks, but it was on the way… and totally worth it.  One of the most podunk unattractive towns I have ever been to.  The whole place is soggy and everyone either works for the logging industry or for a Twilight tours/souvenir/t-shirt shop.  Vampires were the best thing to happen to Forks since chainsaws.

After the best Bella Burger and Team Edward milkshake ever, we went to the Hoh Rain Forest and went hiking.  Once again, the camera was left in the car (this time because it was pouring down rain) but the hike was incredible.  The water is completely clear and from a distance the algae makes it look bright green.  I keep thinking Washington can’t get any prettier and then it does!

After a couple more hours of driving we ended up at South Beach Campground for a beautiful sunset and then grabbed dinner at around 11 and headed home!  The whole thing took about 15 hours but was well worth it.  This state rocks : )

Other than our Friday adventures, our weekends have been full of cookouts at camp, Kid’s Church, baby-sitting, Farmer’s markets, and for this weekend only, the Poulsbo Pirate’s Festival.  Pretty great.  Alyssa’s preaching tomorrow because Pastor Chuck’s out of town, which means I’m in charge of Kid’s Church by myself.  yikes!  Say a prayer for me.  xoxo from the west coast!



Adventures Abound!

Wow, it’s been a busy two weeks!  Between planning for Vacation Bible School, family camp, and kid’s church each week we’ve definitely had our hands full.  I have so much more respect for youth pastors now – they work hard!   I can’t remember everything I’ve done since getting here but I’ll try to give you guys the highlights!

I’ve been trying to get to know the congregation of Vinland, and I have LOVED it.  These people are great.  So far I’ve gone to a couple Busy Mom’s meetings, a Quilter’s luncheon (so great.  they’re hysterical.) and a couple other council-type things.   Other than that, the internship has been a lot of planning and trying to track down all of the supplies for VBS.  Anyone have any extra locusts and a shofar?

Fridays and Saturdays are our days off and we have done a lot of really cool stuff.  Last Friday I got to spend the day in Seattle with a friend from camp last year who I hadn’t seen since July.  She lives in Delaware, I live in North Carolina and we met up in Seattle.  Isn’t God funny?  We went to lunch, explored Pike’s Market, went to the first Starbuck’s… the typical tourist-y things.  It was so great to see her!

This Friday (yesterday) we started the day by going to the opening of Trader Joe’s which was a huge deal here.  People camped out.  I didn’t understand it either.  After our super exciting trip to the GROCERY STORE opening, we went to Fort Worden and went hiking : ) .  There are some really cool underground barracks that you can go through and we found two Park Ranger type guys who were really great and told us all the history behind the whole fort (I am such a nerd!) which was awesome.  It’s pitch dark in the tunnels which makes it even creepier/better!  Then we went to the world’s best Thai place and went thrifting.  Good day!

View from the roof of one of the barracks

The animals here are nuts.  We were driving back from Starbucks the other day (time is measured in cups of coffee here), and almost hit a black bear.  It was just traipsing across the street like it was no big deal.  The deer are the same way, and totally unafraid of people.  It freaks me out. This is a picture of one of the deer at Fort Worden:

Today is more relaxed.  It’s raining (shocker), so I’m currently curled up at the coffee shop in my thrift store jeans drinking my coffee and blogging.  I feel like such a hipster.  I’m baby-sitting tonight for a precious little 15-month old girl so that should be fun.  Then the “work week” starts back tomorrow!  I know I’m forgetting lots of adventures, but I will try to blog more often so I don’t leave too much out.  Hope everyone back east is doing wonderfully!

Welcome to Poulsbo

Welcome to Poulsbo, population: 6,813.

“Hello Seattle” has been playing in my head on repeat since I got here, but unfortunately that blog title has already been taken.  And since I’m actually living in the awesome Norwegian town of Poulsbo right outside of Seattle, I guess Hello Poulsbo is more accurate.  Welcome to my blog, where I’m hoping to share my adventures from 3,000 miles away.  Writing intimidates me, but I’m going to do my best : )

I arrived in Seattle Thursday night and have been meeting people, applying for jobs, and getting acquainted for the past four days.  People here are super friendly!  Yesterday was probably the busiest day, between kids church, Taste of Vinland (a fundraiser for the pre-school where different people brought and sold different foods, kind of like an outdoor market.  We “cooked” Italian sodas.), ice cream with new friends, Alive (I guess you would call this big-people church?) and dinner with more new friends.  We’ve also had the chance to go kayaking, go to the beach, and see Port Gamble.  It’s been a busy couple of days!

you can tell me that you've seen a cuter town, but I probably won't believe you

This is downtown Poulsbo.  Where there are London-esque telephone boxes on the street corners and 7 coffee shops within three blocks.  It’s pretty great.  Cups, the coffee shop I will (hopefully) be working at, is on this street, which is right across the bay from the apartment.  It’s super close so I can either walk, ride my bike, or…. kayak.  Yes, kayak. To work.  Everyday.  I am so excited.

Tonight, Alyssa and I are going to Seattle to celebrate her birthday!  There isn’t internet at the apartment so I can only blog at the coffee shops in town, but I have a feeling I’ll be here a lot.  I’ll try to keep the blog as up-to-date as possible.  I left my camera cord back at the apartment (yes, the infamous, always-lost camera cord.  My roommates will forever make fun of me for not being able to keep track of that stupid cord), but I will update the blog with pics of downtown, Seattle, and the view from the apartment asap.  For now, I am loving it!  More to come from the west coast!